British Release UFO Files

British Release UFO Files – The British government released its UFO files, seen in pictures and video below, and will release more under Freedom Of Information requests.

The government decision by the British release UFO files includes ten years worth of UFO sightings officially documented by Ministry of Defence officials.

Disclosed for the first time is a report from three experienced air traffic controllers who attempted to “talk in” a UFO which landed on the runway before them. The British UFO incident occurred on April 19, 1984, at an East Anglian airfield which was operating two runways called 22 and 27.

In the control tower a senior air traffic controller (SATCO) was supervising his deputy controller and an assistant.

According to the report, the deputy air controller was in contact with a light aircraft preparing to land on runway 22 when the SATCO noticed lights approaching the other runway.

The unidentified flying object (UFO) came in at speed, made a touch and go on runway 27, then departed at terrific speed in a near vertical climb, according to the British UFO files release.

The British UFO was described as a “brilliant solid ball of light, bright silvery in colour”. The Ministry of Defence file noted that “witnesses do not wish to be identified in case their professional integrity is questioned”.

British UFO Files Released – News Video

Nick Pope, who worked for the British Ministry of Defence for 21 years and was responsible for investigating many of the sightings, said: “Most of the UFO sightings here are probably misidentifications of aircraft lights and meteors, but some are more difficult to explain.”

Who knows, maybe the U.S. government will finally release their own UFO files!

And that’s the latest news on the British release UFO files.

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