Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince – Hot pics of the new K-Fed girlfriend, Victoria Prince, a tall blonde and former volleyball player with great legs and a fun attitude.


Kevin Federline met his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, in of all places a bowling alley, where K-Fed and his “Party Animals” bowling team currently hold second place in their league.


Seems Federline took an instant shine to the leggy blonde, described by TMZ as “Twice the size, half the crazy” when comparing her to K-Fed’s ex, Britney Spears.


Prince is a 5′ 10″ former volleyball player who still looks great in those little shorty shorts volleyball players wear.


Victoria obviously loves a good time and has a great laugh.


And she seems to tolerate the new paparazzi thing pretty well, too.


And those are all the hot pics of K-Fed’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince.

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