Kumo.com – Microsoft is updating its Live Search site to better compete with Google at a new site called Kumo.com, Kumo means cloud or spider in Japanese.

The Kumo.com website is currently redirected to a protected site at Microsoft that’s inaccessible to outside users.

Windows Live Search was originally created to provide a unifying brand for a group of services including Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces, in preference to using the old MSN or Microsoft Network branding umbrella.

Live Search is at least consistent, whereas Kumo doesn’t fit with anything, so it’s hard to see the logic in that.

Of course, there’s no reason why Microsoft shouldn’t launch Kumo as well, using the same back end. Perhaps it could win market share in parts of Asia and South America, for example, where Google is less entrenched.

Kumo.com includes some pretty significant developments:

  • A rebrand back to Windows Live Search
  • A new look for Search
  • Renaming “Windows Live Hotmail” and “Windows Live Mail” to “Windows Live Mail” and “Windows Live Mail for desktop”
  • A new online Windows Live Photos
  • Renaming Windows Live Photo Gallery to Windows Live Photos for desktop
  • Something new called “Windows Live Cloud”

And that’s the latest news on Microsoft’s Live Search update at Kumo.com.

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