Simon Cowell Bugged

Simon Cowell Bugged – Simon Cowell, pictured below with former girlfriend Teri Seymour in one of his Bentleys, found he was bugged after discovering a tracking device attached to his Bentley Continental.


The Simon Cowell bugged story comes just two months after another listening device was discovered backstage during filming of Britain’s Got Talent show, which is similar to American Idol in the U.S.

Music mogul Simon Cowell is reportedly ‘completely freaked out’ after discovering his car has been bugged.

The X Factor judge is said to have discovered a sophisticated tracking device magnetically attached to the undercarriage of his £140,000 Bentley Continental.

Cowell’s suspicions were raised when he noticed a mysterious motorcyclist who kept appearing outside buildings where he had attended private meetings.

He then called in his security team who made the alarming discovery.


“Simon is completely freaked out by this. He can’t believe someone has gone to so much trouble and expense to monitor his every movement. It’s extremely sinister,” a source told London’s tabloid The Mirror.

“He was aware that someone kept turning up a few minutes after he went everywhere. He couldn’t work out how that person knew his movements. The tracking device was quite sophisticated and could have been used by the security services.”

The 49-year-old star, who recently split from girlfriend Terri Seymour, is though to have an idea of who he believes is responsible and may even take legal action.

“Simon has his suspicions as to who is responsible. He is so angry he is considering calling in the police to investigate further. It is a hassle he could do without – especially with The X Factor in its final stages – but it has to be done. He can’t take any chances,” the source added.

The incident comes months after a listening device was discovered under a table backstage at the reality show Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year.

“This shows the extent to which people will go to get inside knowledge,” Cowell said at the time.

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