Mindy Jordan

Mindy Jordan – Photos of domestic abuse victim Mindy Jordan who allegedly fell overboard from the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship, but Mindy was pushed overboard by abusive boyfriend Jorge Caputo says her family.

Mindy Jordan, the 46-year-old nurse who “fell overboard” from the Norwegian Dawn on Sunday, was beaten so badly by boyfriend Jorge Caputo six months ago that Mindy needed facial reconstruction surgery.

Supposedly, Mindy accidentally fell overboard during a raging storm with 50 mph winds, 10-foot seas and heavy rain as the Norwegian Dawn sailed south from NYC through a “noreaster” when Jordan tried to climb from her stateroom balcony to an adjoining one occupied by friends.

No one in their right mind would climb between balconies at night during a storm when they could easily use the stateroom door.

The only rational explanation is that Mindy Jordan was fleeing from a violent attack from her abusive boyfriend Jorge Caputo, pictured below, who gave Jordan the bruise above.

You can see in the pictures of the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship that the staterooms are some forty feet above the waterline.

Climbing from one balcony to another would be scary when the cruise ship was docked, let alone in the dark during high seas and a raging storm.

The FBI is investigating the Norwegian Dawn overboard passenger statements from witnesses and crew, but the only one who actually saw Mindy go overboard was Jorge Caputo.

Here are photos of some of the domestic abuse suffered by Mindy at Caputo’s hands.

This really isn’t a case of woman falls off cruise ship by accident. Looks like due to lack of evidence that Mindy Jordan’s killer will literally get away with murder.

Mindy’s mother, Louise Jordan, has gone public with the real story behind the repeated domestic violence that Caputo inflicted in the hopes that the FBI will take a hard look at the case.

However, the FBI will not meet the ship when it docks in Bermuda on Wednesday. Authorities in Bermuda will talk to witnesses and employees before the FBI decides if it needs to look further into the case of the mysterious fall from a cruise ship during a storm by a woman who was afraid of heights.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the guest during this difficult time,” said Norwegian Cruise Line spokeswoman AnneMarie Mathews.

And that’s the latest news on the Norwegian Dawn overboard passenger Mindy Jordan.

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