Denise Ogden

Denise Ogden – Pics and video of Denise Ogden, the fired middle school teacher caught up in a love triangle with principal Sharon McAlevy and public safety officer Ronnie Collins.

Spirit Creek Middle School 7th grade teacher Denise Ogden was the spurned lover who sent anonymous emails to the school system’s administrators about McAlevy and Collins having sex at the school with an attached photo of the principal in her underwear.

Calling it an “embarrassment” and “yucky,” Superintendent Dana Bedden said seven Spirit Creek Middle School faculty members have been implicated in the incidents, which ranged from a pat on the butt to sexual trysts on an inflatable mattress in the school’s public safety office during school hours.

In the end, the former Principal, former public safety officer, a teacher, a graduation coach, PE coach, a Special Education teacher and another teacher were all accused and all investigated.

Denise Ogden resigned, as did Sharon McAlevy who was the Spirit Creek Principal at the time. “People sometimes choose to resign as a matter of being professional. I never approached this about trying to prove someone did something wrong so I could get them. ” Dr. Bedden says Ogden and McAlevy will never again work for the school system.

The other accused are still employed.

Spirit Creek Graduation Coach John Barksdale got a letter of reprimand for slapping McAlevy on the butt and for making inappropriate comments.

As for the other teacher, PE Coach and Special Education teacher, one was reprimanded and suspended for five days, the other two were given letters of advisement.

And that’s the latest news on Denise Ogden.

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