Prince William Gets His Wings

Prince William Gets His Wings – Prince Charles proudly awarded his son, Prince William his RAF wings in a ceremony seen in pictures below taken yesterday at Cranston College, the British military flight academy where Prince Charles earned his own wings back in 1971.

Prince William’s lovely girlfriend, Kate Middleton, was on hand to see Prince William get his wings which qualify him to pilot British military helicopters and military aircraft.

This was the first time Kate Middleton had appeared with the Prince at a major official event since the young royal – a serving officer in the British Army – graduated from Sandhurst in December 2006. William is a second lieutenant in the Blues and Royals regiment.

While the 25-year old Prince did not receive the four-year fighter pilot training, he’s still a crack pilot and his father beamed with pride upon pinning his flight badge onto his uniform.

British royalty sets great store in military service and both Prince William and Prince Harry have seen active duty. Prince Harry just returned in February from frontline duty in Afghanistan in where he served with distinction as a spotter who called in airstrikes at Forward Base Delta.

Prince William will soon be deployed with a naval squadron, similar to how his uncle, Prince Andrew served during the Falklands War. First though, he will complete another three weeks of specialized RAF training, then do a month of public appearances promoting royal charities.

Prince William is second in line to the British throne behind his father Prince Charles. He is expected to announce his engagement to Kate Middleton upon completion of his tour of duty.

Willaim was said to be just a regular fellow by his RAF squadron mates. One said, “William was socialising with everyone, we saw him round with everyone, he was just a normal bloke, a normal guy and very sociable. He was working really hard, he was flying in the morning, coming down and doing two hours of flight school and then working all hours in the evenings like everyone else. ”

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