Tina Sherman

Tina Sherman – An Arkansas housewife named Tina Sherman sent racy photos of herself to her husband Phil Sherman’s cell phone which he then left at McDonalds.

The racy photos of Tina Sherman from the phone were then uploaded to a website that published her name, address, and telephone number along with all the hot pics.

Seems that the McDonalds manager, Aaron Brummley, who had promised to keep the phone secure until Phil Sherman could retrieve it, got curious and started ogling all of Mrs. Sherman.

Phillip and Tina Sherman filed a lawsuit Friday against McDonald’s Corp.; Mathews Management Co., which owns the McDonald’s franchise on Sixth Street in Fayetteville; and Aaron Brummley, a manager of the restaurant.

The Shermans are seeking more than $3 million in damages after the nude photos of Tina Sherman were posted on a Web site and she received threatening and harassing text and phone messages, according to the lawsuit.

Phillip Sherman on July 5 left his cell phone in the McDonald’s restaurant. His wife had previously sent nude pictures of herself to this cell phone for his own use, according to the complaint.

Brummley called Phillip Sherman’s mother using his cell phone and said he would keep the cell phone until Phillip Sherman could come pick it up. Before Phillip Sherman could return to the restaurant to get the phone, his wife received text messages from his phone about her racy photos.


“I’ve seen your pictures Tina, I liked what I saw,” one message stated, according to the complaint.

After Tina Sherman learned that it would take 72 hours to completely delete the photos from the site where they were uploaded, she became more mortified, cried uncontrollably and continued to suffer emotional distress, the lawsuit claims.

Someone posted a message on the Web site that they needed to send the pictures to her son.

You’d think that eventually people would learn not to keep racy photos on a cell phone.

And that’s the latest news on the misplaced racy photos of Tina Sherman.

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