iPhone At Walmart

iPhone At Walmart – The Apple iPhone will go on sale at WalMart December 28 with a 4GB model for $99 and the 8GB model for $197 with a two-year contract as Apple tries to grab market share.

The $99 iPhone at Walmart deal has yet to be confirmed by Apple, but multiple financial news sources like Reuters and Bloomberg confirm that Walmart will be begin offering two models of the iPhone right after Christmas.

In fact, some WalMarts may actually begin selling the hot phones a few days before Christmas if Apple can ship the iPhones quickly enough.

The iPhone 3G model is already sold out in 38 states with Christmas still weeks away. Most likely Walmart will get a very limited supply of the already scarce 8GB model and it’s unlikely that Apple would debut the 16GB version at Walmart, so a 4GB iPhone is the most likely new Walmart model.

And that’s the latest news on the $99 iPhone At Walmart.

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