Bird Man

Bird Man – Pics and video of the Bird Man, Swiss fighter pilot Yves Rossy, aka rocket man, jet man, fusion man, etc. because he flys like a bird in his jet-powered flying wing.

The Swiss “Bird Man” built the carbon-fiber flying wing himself, wwears a helmet that says “Rocket Man” on it and refers to his invention as a fusion wing, hence the other nickname “Fusion Man”.

The four small jet engines on his jet wings give the Swiss rocket man 5 minutes of flying like a bird high above the Swiss Alps, except that he goes 186 mph, which is faster than many small planes fly.

It’s taken four years of working on his jet wing design for Yves Rossy’s dream of rocket-powered personal flight to become reality.

Even a bad crash a year ago hasn’t deterred him from pursuing his dream.

Because of the small fuel load in the lightweight carbon wing, the Swiss bird man jumps from a small plane before igniting his jet engines while already at altitude.

Bird Man Video
With the 8-foot, jet-powered wing strapped to his back, “Rocket Man” Yves Rossy soars high above the Swiss Alps, reaching a height of 8,200 feet.

When his jet wing’s fuel runs out, Rossy glides to a lower altitude before deploying his parachute for a safe landing.

“This flight was excellent,” he said afterwards. “It’s like a second skin. If I turn to the left, I fly left. If I nudge to the right, I go right.”

Rocket man Rossy say that next he’ll try to fly across the English Channel using only his jet wing.

And that’s the latest news on Yves Rossy, the former Swiss fighter pilot whose jet-powered flying wing has everyone calling him Bird Man.

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