BuddySpots.com – Gotten a message that says SOMEBODY COPIED ALL YOUR PICS ON TO buddyspots.com and wondered WTF is going on?

Here’s what you need to know about the buddyspots.com website:

  • There are no pics of you on this buddyspots site.
  • There are no pics of anyone on this website.
  • This site is promoted by fake bulletins and comment spam.
  • The whole site is nothing but a scam.
  • buddyspots.com is identical to SaveYourProfile.com and other sites

You can see that the website is served up through an iframe from destination-server.com, just like the SaveYourProfile.com website that popped up last week and another identical website, TradeThoseThings.com.

All of these scam sites trick you into comig to the site with fake messages about your pics being there or your profile being copied there or other nonsense like that.

Other spam and scam messages related to this site include:

  • JUST LOADED *YOUR* PIC ON TO buddyspots.com !
  • your myspace pics are being traded at buddyspots.com
  • ur myspace was archived and copied on to buddyspots… etc, etc, etc

Once you’re on the scam website, they try to trick you with a message about a free gift:

So, because you are given no other option than to click “OK”, you do so and then find that the supposed “free gift” is a Dell laptop.

Of course, there is a catch. (There’s always a catch with these websites.)

You have to give all your personal information to the scammers and agree to receive all sorts of advertising from their promotional partners. Even worse, you have to complete sixteen (16!) promotional offers to qualify for your “free” gift.

Oh yeah, they also require you to install software on your PC, supposedly to track your offer completions, but really it’s to trigger popup ads that make them money.

There’s a whole lot more to this whole spam and scam webite, but you get the idea. The whole thing is nothing but trouble with a capital T!

For more details on how the whole BuddySpots.com scam works, read our previous post which goes into great detail about it here:


And that’s the latest news on BuddySpots.com

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