– Gotten a message saying that has your MySpace pics and wondered what the heck is going on?


The web site ultimately wants your email address and password, but tries to confuse you as to what’s really going on there.


The first thing you see on HmmmBook is a message that pics have been uploaded to the site from your IP address in the last 24 hours. Then it freezes your browser – at leaast until you click OK – but that’s all part of their scam.

They just want you to be uncertain about what’s going on, so you’ll go ahead and login. That way they can try to scam you by saying you get “free ringtones” or a “free Xbox” or something else cool that everybody wants.

Of course, what they really want is for you to complete a bunch of merchant offers because you think you’ll get a free Xbox or other free gift.


Big problem though – even if you complete all the offers, you never get the free gift and you never get to see your pics. is a scam just like the hundreds of similar sites these spammers have used in the last two years.

The only thing that changes is the “free gift” and how many merchant offers you have to sign up for to get your free gift.

Just avoid the website completely. There are no pics of you or anyone else on the site.

If you entered your email and password, change your password on the site where you got the fake message that referred you to

Why? Because they’ll use a script to login as you on MySpace and then spam all your online friends with the same message that tricked you.

And that’s the latest news on

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