Jade Vixen Love Triangle Killings

Jade Vixen Love Triangle Killings – A rejected sadomachism client of Jade Vixen named David Krieg turned a twisted love triangle into a pair of killings in New York Wednesday.

The Jade Vixen love triangle killings happened when Jade Vixen, one of the most well known S&M fetish dominatrices in the New York City area, was kidnapped by her obsessed client David Krieg along with her boyfriend Anthony Ottaviano.

Krieg, a former client of Maa’s who had been stalking her for months, was waiting for the couple in a parking lot near her home, police said.

In the process, Krieg then shot and killed Jade Vixen’s lawyer boyfriend, Anthony Ottaviano, then kidnapped Jade. After several hours, Krieg released Edythe Maa (Jade Vixen’s real name), turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

According to kidnapper and murderer David Krieg, Jade Vixen was “the greatest fetish model since Betty Page.”

Jade’s lawyer boyfriend, Anthony Ottaviano was an extremely prestigious lawyer who worked in Manhattan. While dating Ottaviano, the leather-loving twosome partied together at kinky New York City fetish parties, sometimes with him wearing lipstick, garter belt, stockings and high heels.

Edythe Maa assumed the personality of Jade Vixen in fetish circles, offering a laundry list of kinky activities – like forced feminization, medical play, and genital torment – but still set some limits.

Edythe Maa is an engineering and materials science PhD student at the University of Penn when she’s not busy dominating lawyers and bodybuilders.

And that’s the latest news on the Jade Vixen love triangle killings.

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