Michael Mukasey Collapse

Michael Mukasey Collapse – Pics and video of the shocking collapse of Attorney General Michael Mukasey during a speech Thursday night due to a mini-stroke or transitory ischemic attack.

Associate Attorney General Kevin O’Connor said that twenty minutes into his prepared speech, Michael Mukasey began shaking and slurring his words while addressing the Federalist Society at a Washington hotel.

“He just started shaking and he collapsed,” O’Connor said.

A heckler in the audience had interuppted his speech and called Mukasey a “tyrant” moments before the stroke rendered the Attorney General unconscious.

Mukasey was treated on stage for fifteen minutes before paramedics put him on a stretcher and took him to George Washington University Hospital.

The Justice Department says Attorney General Michael Mukasey is ”conscious, conversant and alert” after collapsing during a speech in Washington.

Spokesman Peter Carr said in a statement that the attorney general’s vital statistics are strong and he is in good spirits.

Attorney General Michael Mikasey Collapses

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