Miley Cyrus Milk Ad

Miley Cyrus Milk Ad – Teen rocker Miley Cyrus, seen below in her new Got Milk ad featuring Miley with a milk mustache, says drinking milk is the best of both worlds.

The Miley Cyrus milk ad is part of the famous “Got Milk” advertising campaign which has also featured other singers like Beyonce, athletes like Lance Armstrong, and all sorts of other famous celebrities.

The Miley Cyrus “Got Milk” ad says, “Actress by day. Rocker by night. I’ve got to keep fit to keep up. So I drink milk. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Of course, Miley’s been known to suck down some sugary, iced-caramel coffee drinks in her time, including this 750-calorie one from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outside the Disney Studios.

And then there’s all the other stuff Miley’s been advertising in the milk department, which has Disney execs concerned about the young Hannah Montana star rapidly outgrowing her tween audience.

And that’s the latest news on the Miley Cyrus milk ad.

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